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We know from experience with practices and clinics,
what works and what doesn't.

Website for doctors and clinics

"A prestigious website that attracts patient bookings and staff, completed in just 6 weeks, without your input, project management and stress - even if you have no prior knowledge of websites."

Your contact person: David Maucher

The specialists

For practice and clinic websites

We take over the creation and maintenance of your website for you so that you can concentrate fully on your work in the practice/clinic. With our many years of experience in the field of practice and clinic websites, we are the ideal partner for you.

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Your practice website

Figurehead for applicants and patients

A professional practice website is essential in order to efficiently receive prescription and appointment requests and to present your practice attractively to potential applicants for MFA positions. In addition, many practices are facing business succession and the practice should therefore be presented as favorably as possible.

What our websites offer
For practices, MVZs and clinics

Carefree operation

Creation by industry experts

Training videos for your employees

Daily backups

Professional project management

Reliable deadlines

Special features

Optimized for smartphones

Search engine optimized

Perfectly retouched images

High-quality animations

Online appointment booking for patients

Fast page loading

Easily maintain content yourself

Legal certainty

100 % DS-GVO compliant

100 % barrier-free usable

Google Fonts is warning-proof

Legally compliant cookie banner

Google Analytics legally compliant

Legally compliant privacy policy

Legally compliant imprint

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Why us?

Industry knowledge and experience

We specialize exclusively in the creation of websites for doctors and clinics. This means that we have extensive knowledge and experience in this specific industry. We know the requirements, challenges and trends that medical institutions face. This expertise enables us to offer customized solutions that are tailored precisely to the needs of our clients.

Patients + professionals

With us you gain both

Our websites are designed to improve the patient experience. We understand that your website is not only a digital business card, but also serves as a communication and information platform for patients. We also offer all our clients the opportunity to use their website as the most effective way to find new professionals: Social Media Recruiting.

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5 steps to a new website

Your time investment: less than 2 hours

Your time investment is less than 2 hours. What are you waiting for?

  • Strategy discussion

    During the strategy meeting, we determine all the necessary content and subpages for your website.

  • Create texts & content

    We create the text content for your website and research suitable image material.

  • Design phase

    Based on the texts and images, our designer creates a design draft for your new website.

  • WordPress programming

    As soon as you approve the design draft, we get to work on the programming.

  • Live broadcast

    The final corrections are made and your new website is ready to go live.

Websites that patients and
Attracting skilled workers

Web design for medical practices and clinics

A high quality and prestigious looking website that generates patient bookings and applications from professionals, completed in just 6 weeks, without your input, project management and stress, even if you have no prior knowledge of websites.

Ongoing support

Reliable and fast customization of your new web content, assistance with questions and technical problems, within just 4 hours. We help quickly and are 100% reliable.

Find MFA/MPA/ZFA via social media

Receive a flood of applications from MFAs in your region within 7 days, without recruiting agencies or expensive temporary employment agencies - we make this possible with social media campaigns. 

Google review management

Have unjustified Google reviews deleted within 14 days, thanks to our partner lawyers. We make recommendations and show you a reliable way to make 5-star ratings the standard for your practice/clinic.

Feedback from our customers:

Dr. David Conrad
Dr. David Conrad
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Highly professional, excellent communication, very good value for money, determined and solution-oriented! Mr. Maucher is an absolute specialist in his field and has an excellent feel for implementing his clients' ideas. I look forward to a long-term collaboration! A clear recommendation!
Dr. med. R. Destani
Dr. med. R. Destani
MVZ Neunkirchen Seelscheid
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Competent contact person, prompt order processing, friendly and courteous assistance, uncomplicated implementation of all requests.
Daniel Würsch
Daniel Würsch
skinmed AG
Read More
The backend for the editorial team is excellently structured and easy to understand, and David Maucher was and is always available to answer questions and extremely helpful. I can only recommend him. The distance between Switzerland and Germany was also never a problem. Gladly again!

Dear doctors and practice operators,

"we specialize in website design for medical practices and clinics. Thanks to our industry experience, we are the perfect partner for you - whether you are looking to attract patients via your website or recruit specialists via social media."

Your contact person: David Maucher

Website design case study
Why doctor and clinic websites
with better with us

Without David Maucher

  1. Dr. Schmidt writes her website texts herself. After initial writer's block, she produces texts at an academic level
  2. Dr. Schmidt commissions a web agency
  3. The web agency awards the contract to a subcontractor
  4. After 2 weeks, the subcontractor delivers an initial website design. The color scheme, fonts and imagery don't really match their practice decor and logo.
  5. Dr. Schmidt spends an hour in a zoom call with the web agency to formulate her wishes more clearly.
  6. After 2 more weeks, Dr. Schmidt receives a new draft. When she opens the website on her smartphone, everything looks out of place. Headings run over the edge of the website.
  7. Dr. Schmidt spends another hour in the zoom call with the web agency to formulate her concerns. Now comes the third correction loop
  8. The subcontractor delivers a new design after 2 more weeks. It looks better, but the website still doesn't really look like it's "all of a piece".
  9. Dr. Schmidt only communicates by e-mail and sends screenshots of posts she doesn't like
  10. After another correction loop, the website can go live. It is still not what Dr. Schmidt expected - but "still better than her old website"


A lack of processes and quality standards leads to time wastage and annoyance for everyone involved. In the end, you pay for a result that does not really convince you (and your patients).

With David Maucher

  1. Dr. Schmidt commissions David Mauchers WordPress Agency
  2. She fills out a questionnaire within 20 minutes
  3. An employee of David Maucher clarifies the last uncertainties with Dr. Schmidt in a 10-minute phone call
  4. The concept phase begins
  5. Website texts are written by a professional copywriter. The copywriter has medical background knowledge and formulates the texts in a way that normal people can understand. He emphasizes the advantages of individual treatments and addresses the patient's situation in the text.
  6. Dr. Schmidt receives the rough concept - a sketch of her future website. She adds two more points that she would like to emphasize more clearly
  7. Now the design phase begins
  8. After 7 days, she receives a pictorial design of the website. All the colors and fonts already harmonize and match her logo and practice equipment. She would like to have two more photos exchanged. Now the website can be programmed
  9. The website is programmed and Dr. Schmidt receives a link to view her new website in advance. The website is already displayed perfectly on smartphones and tablets.
  10. Dr. Schmidt releases the website for live connection.


Thanks to David Maucher, Dr. Schmidt only had to deal with the website occasionally. The website looks professional and high quality. She can now launch a social media campaign to attract applications from professionals in her area. She also launches a Google Ads campaign to advertise her most lucrative specialties and charge for more private services. She is already considering setting up an online booking tool for appointments to take the pressure off her receptionist.

Our customers