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What is WordPress VIP? What are the advantages? What alternatives are there?

WordPress VIP is a managed WordPress hosting-service for companies and large websites. In this article, we explain what WordPress VIP is, what advantages it offers and what alternatives there are.

What is WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP is a particularly high-quality, stable and scalable WordPress WordPress hosting platform for companies and very large websites.

It is said to be the fastest, most secure and absolutely hassle-free WordPress hosting that money can buy. Apart from the high costs, WordPress VIP has very strict coding standards and control processes for customizing the code, making it unsuitable for most businesses. suitable for most businesses.

Who should use WordPress.com VIP?

WordPress.com VIP is a powerful hosting package, designed specifically for high traffic sites for unparalleled performance and security.

It is suitable for large companies and highly frequented websites with tens of millions of page views.

The pricing for WordPress VIP is unfortunately a mystery, as the website does not have a public pricing page.

However, reports on the Internet indicate that the plans between 5,000 and 25,000 US dollars per month for up to five websites with a a minimum setup fee of 5,000 US dollars per website.

For this price, you get unlimited storage space, bandwidth, a CDN and dedicated WordPress Support from the best developers in the world.

The advantages of WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP is a great thing because it removes the hassle of managing a mission-critical, content-rich website with high traffic.

Here are some of the key benefits of using WordPress.com VIP:

1. fully managed WordPress platform

WordPress.com VIP is more than a platform for managed WordPress hosting. It includes the following services:

  • Automated hourly backups
  • Security scans and checking the code base
  • Automatic updates for WordPress Core
  • Review process for third-party plugins and third-party plugins and custom code
  • Uptime and performance monitoring, similar to a WordPress maintenance contract
  • Automatic scaling to cope with massive traffic peaks traffic peaks without blinking

It's like having your own development team that takes care of everything without any downtime for your website.

2. planning and training

Every WordPress.com VIP plan begins with a detailed planning and strategy assessment of your website. During this time, the WordPress.com VIP team will work with your WordPress Developer work together to understand your needs and wishes.

The team will also help you select the theme and the WordPress plugins for your project. If you have already developed a theme EVERY line of code will be checked. The same applies to plugins from third-party plugins and for any custom code to ensure that it complies it is compatible with the platform's coding and security standards.

You train your development team in terms of platform, security and performance. This training also extends to the editors, authors and administrators of your website so that they can make the most of the robust the robust content management and publishing features of WordPress VIP. can.

3. best performance and rapid speed

The entire hosting platform for WordPress.com VIP is optimized to optimized to provide the best performance. You don't have to worry about caching, code optimization, CDN service or any plugins for more pagespeed.

The WordPress VIP platform is served by a CDN from 20 data centers data centers around the world. This gives you the best time-to-first-byte result, latency, SSL security and protection against DDOS attacks.

4. the best WordPress security

All WordPress.com VIP websites are protected by a customized customized infrastructure and proven WordPress security methods to proactively to proactively block brute force attacks and other types of attacks. block them. All website traffic is fully encrypted.

All custom code is MANUALLY checked. This adds another layer of security to protect your website from running potentially vulnerable code.

5. no website outages

Unless you are working with load balancers, a WordPress website goes down for a few minutes at each maintenance interval. For a website with millions of daily visitors, this not only means a loss of revenue, but also damage to the company's reputation. Services such as WordPress VIP ensure that visitors are not aware of updates.

Alternatives to WordPress.com VIP

Despite its advantages, WordPress.com VIP is primarily not intended for everyone for cost reasons. Many businesses also don't like the restrictions and processes they have to go through to make changes to their website. make changes to their website.

Fortunately, due to the growth of WordPress, there are other WordPress hosting providers that offer similar levels of hosting plans as hosting plans as WordPress.com VIP.

Here you will find a selection of the best alternatives to WordPress.com VIP that offer high-level hosting services for e-commerce and websites.

1st WP Engine

WP Engine is the most popular managed WordPress hosting service on the market. Their Enterprise plan is also the best WordPress.com VIP alternative for high-traffic websites and enterprise enterprise customers.

WP Engine's Enterprise Plan is a highly redundant, scalable and fully scalable and fully managed hosting solution. Their platform is based on Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform with custom optimizations. optimizations. In addition, they use their own proprietary caching solution to improve page load speed.

This also includes global CDN, managed onboarding, dedicated support and round-the-clock performance and security monitoring. around the clock.

WP Engine hosts top websites like Under Armor, AMD, SoundCloud, JobVite, Thomson Reuters and more.

2. liquid web

Liquid Web is another reliable, managed WordPress hosting provider that offers multiple tiers of hosting packages, including custom plans for enterprise customers. Liquid Web serves many major brands such as Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN and United Way.

Liquid Web has its own data centers and offers round-the-clock support by phone, live chat and e-mail. For all managed hosting hosting packages there are no additional fees for traffic. For managed plugin updates and for the plugins used on your WordPress site, there are no restrictions. restrictions.

3. siteGround

SiteGround is an officially WordPress recommended WordPress hosting provider that has recently entered the enterprise hosting space. They specialize in offering a fully customized infrastructure to meet your needs. Their service is 100 % managed by SiteGround, and you get a dedicated support team 24/7 all year round.


RAIDBOXES is a German provider of managed WordPress hosting. RAIDBOXES uses nginx instead of Apache servers and is therefore very well prepared for high loads. RAIDBOXES also relies on Brotli compression and its setup often improves loading times when switching hosting providers. This provider works primarily together with WordPress agencies.

Does managed WordPress hosting à la WordPress VIP make sense?

Managed hosting seems to be a convenient solution for enterprise websites. Especially when providers such as WordPress VIP or others offer scalability without ifs and buts, this saves the handling of load balancers and the known problems of caching solutions. Automatic updates of WP core, plugins and themes may also have their raison d'être.

When it comes to quality assurance, however, all of them - WordPress VIP may be an exception - harbor a danger: if I don't notice the update, I don't test the website.

In our WordPress maintenance plans, all updates are first thoroughly tested on a test server. No WordPress Freelancer in the world would ever put untested code on a live environment.

Only when the website functions smoothly and without errors after all updates on the test server are the updates also carried out on the live server.

Does a maintenance plan offer comparable services?

Our professional maintenance plans offer similar services to WordPress VIP in terms of security:

  • Daily or optionally hourly backups and reset points
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Pagespeed monitoring
  • Regular updates of WordPress core, plugins and themes
  • Security scans, malware detection
  • Firewall

Features that our professional maintenance plan cannot offer are: unconditional scalability, load balancing, varnish caching, Brotli compression, etc. - all this is a matter for the hoster, who should therefore be carefully selected in advance.

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