WordPress appointment booking plugins

Warning: Using a WordPress booking tool can be problematic in certain situations. I have listed the reasons why I, as a WordPress programmer, don't think much of it at the very end of this article. If you still can't resist, here are the 16 best booking plugins for

The 12 best WordPress malware scanners - tested by yourself

If WordPress has been hacked, the first step is usually to use a WordPress malware scanner. The best WordPress malware scanners and how to use them are described here. Key functions of a WordPress malware scanner Security plugin WordPress malware scanners offer essential functions to protect a website from malicious attacks.

WordPress hacked - how to clean up websites!

If you suspect that WordPress has been hacked and you don't feel confident in fixing it yourself, contact me or your other WordPress freelancer for a no-obligation initial assessment. Cleaning up malware on websites often involves several steps and is only possible for very technically skilled people.

WordPress debug guide

Configuring WordPress Debug Mode Configuring WordPress Debug is a crucial step for any WordPress freelancer or website programmer aiming to effectively identify and resolve errors. This process involves changing certain settings in the WordPress configuration to enable debug mode

Find a WordPress course & WordPress training

WordPress Courses & WordPress Training for Beginners WP-Course.com - WordPress Training WP-Course.com is a comprehensive online course aimed at beginners who want to learn how to build their own WordPress website from scratch. The course enables participants to create the basic framework of their website on their own.

WordPress Cookie Plugin free of charge

In today's digital world, cookies are an essential part of the internet. They play a central role in the functionality of websites and offer numerous benefits to both users and website operators. For WordPress websites, cookies are particularly important for personalizing user experiences and enabling important functions such as

Increase WordPress upload limit

In the world of WordPress, one of the leading content management systems, the size of uploaded files plays a crucial role. Whether you want to present impressive image galleries for a portfolio, install extensive plugins or provide comprehensive media files for your users, you often come up against an invisible limit: the

The 11 best WordPress contact form plugins

Our selection includes both free and premium plugins, and we'll discuss the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision. A well-chosen WordPress contact form plugin can not only improve the user experience on your website, but also help to improve communication.

Take WordPress site offline / take content offline

Taking a WordPress site offline is an important step that website owners need to take for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you or your WordPress freelancer have a major update coming up where you don't want visitors to come across half-finished content, or there are legal reasons that require temporary deactivation.

Create a WordPress sitemap: A comprehensive guide

How WordPress automatically creates sitemaps With the introduction of WordPress 5.5, the automatic generation of sitemaps was integrated into the WordPress system as a core function. As a result, many WordPress developers and WordPress freelancers no longer use any special plugins at all to generate a WordPress sitemap. This function allows

Insert WordPress favicon

What is a WordPress favicon and where is it displayed? A WordPress favicon is the small, iconic image that is displayed in the browser tab bar and bookmarks. It is an essential element of your website's visual identity that helps to build brand recognition and establish credibility with users.

WordPress Multisite guide

What is a WordPress Multisite and when should it be used? A WordPress Multisite is an advanced feature of the WordPress platform that allows you to manage a network of websites from a single WordPress installation. With a multisite installation, you can create multiple, virtually separate websites

Deactivate WordPress Google Fonts

Attention: if Google Fonts have been deactivated, the website often no longer looks as it did before. Why should it? Google Fonts have been deactivated, so all texts must be displayed with a fallback font. The browser then uses standard fonts that are installed on every system, such as

WordPress Web Design

My services for WordPress web design When it comes to WordPress web design for your business, as a web designer I offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your website is not only visually appealing, but also functions optimally and achieves your goals. Here are the

How to achieve a 5-star average rating on Google

In today's world, a good Google Business Profile with positive reviews is critical to the success of a medical facility. More than 90% of potential new patients look at the Google Business Profile at least once before contacting the facility. And not only

Why you do not receive applications from MFA / MPA

A well-functioning and qualified workforce is crucial to the success of any medical practice or clinic. However, many operators are faced with the problem that they either receive no or very few applications from specialist staff. This leads to bottlenecks and impairs quality

How doctors and clinics find employees via social media

Traditional methods such as newspaper advertisements and recruitment agencies are expensive and inefficient. Instead, social media has become an effective tool to attract young and older female employees. At least one of your competitors within a 20-kilometer radius has already discovered this method and is using it

WordPress maintenance through a maintenance contract

Ensure the security and sustained performance of your website. Contact us for an individual quote for the maintenance, servicing and optimization of your WordPress website. We carry out WordPress maintenance at regular intervals - once a month. We routinely go through the most important

WordPress programmer David Maucher

Hello, I'm David Maucher. I've been fascinated by the digital world since I was a child. This fascination led me to start my own business in 2009 and turn my passion into a profession: programming websites, especially with the CMS (Content Management System).

WordPress Support

Here you will find a list of possible help and WordPress support. Do you need immediate WordPress help or do you have problems with your website or a request that is not listed here? Simply send me a request. What kind of WordPress problems can I expect help with?

Optimize WordPress for better loading times

The loading time of a website is important for a positive user experience. Google measures this indirectly through the dwell time. If visitors often return from a website to the search results after just a few seconds, this signals a negative user experience. One of the most common reasons for the

WordPress website costs and price traps

👋 A lot has happened with WordPress website costs in recent years. At times, web agencies could charge any price they could think of. But with the rise of open-source CMS such as WordPress, the number of providers has grown steadily. In addition

About DB Caching

Caching can give the impression of a "holy grail" for all performance issues. It's no wonder people raise an eyebrow when I say "stop caching" in my presentations, meetups, workshops or WordPress support. For some, especially in the WordPress community, I am

Have your own WordPress theme created

Almost every WordPress web design today is usually implemented with a so-called page builder and ready-made multipurpose themes. The advantage of these "ready-made solutions" is that anyone can create a WordPress website using a drag and drop editor. The individual boxes, headings and elements have predefined styles and look from

WordPress (managed) hosting: a dangerous myth

When we talk about WordPress hosting below, we mean "WordPress managed hosting" to be more precise. The word "managed" implies that something is "managed". WordPress hosters and some WordPress agencies promise with their service that both the server and the WordPress instance are managed.

Create WordPress app

Your website is a crucial part of your company's online presence. That's why you spend so much time perfecting every nook and cranny. That's why you make sure it's optimized for every device. But is it really? A responsive WordPress web design is great for

What is WordPress VIP? What are the advantages? What alternatives are there?

WordPress VIP is a managed WordPress hosting service for companies and large websites. In this article, we explain what WordPress VIP is, what advantages it offers and what alternatives there are. What is WordPress VIP? WordPress VIP is a particularly high-quality, stable and scalable WordPress hosting platform for companies

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